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    We build, develop and transform businesses.

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    Leading Business Transformation

    From renewing the raison d'être to ensuring innovation, growth and customer loyalty, there are many reasons why companies need to reinvent themselves again and again.


    itheca Group leads business transformation initiatives with its stragmatic approach from strategy to impact.

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    Accelerating Business Development and Growth

    Success has its origin in the markets. Understanding challenges, developing unparalleled and irresistible solutions and cultivating customer relationships in a sustainable manner is the key to success.


    itheca Group accelerates business development and growth initiatives with its stragmatic approach from strategy to impact.

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    Leading Business Transformation.

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    From your vision and the development of future scenarios, through to strategic positioning, markets, channels, brands, value propositions, products and services, key activities and resources, corporate culture, human and financial capital: 


    itheca Group ensures that strategies are defined concisely and coherently, that their implementation can be well managed and their progress determined.

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    itheca Group plans, directs, coordinates and leads all transformation activities and facilitates the business development, expansion or reorganization as per the planned scope, on time and on budget.


    itheca Group represents the interests of the business owners, consistently reducing risks and ensuring that the development objectives are achieved.

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    itheca Group is an implementation partner that makes an active contribution to the success of all business design and transformation activities:


    itheca Group complements the company's existing skills and capacities, provides «first aid in emergencies», develops expertise within the company, and facilitates the planned development of your business through quality assurance and direction.

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